CES2017 – Samsontech intros a 2 Channel wireless system for mobile!

By January 7, 2017Blog, Uncategorized

Every year I try to make the pilgrimage to CES in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show is the place to be to see new tech, new products, new things to make life easier. I love going and geeking out on things.

I try to get into my old reporting mode and interview companies with cool gadgets. I used to do this for DigitalMediaNet for years and now that I’m an owner of a company that sells products it was nice to visit my vendors to see what new products they had.

My first interview was with Robert Caputo from Samsontech Microphones. They make super affordable wireless systems for mobile. At the show he blew my mind with their new GO Mic Mobile 2 channel wireless system. The whole system will run under $250. This will be a game changer for any content creators looking for wireless solutions. See my interview here.

The second awesome product and another gamechanger is from Roland. Their new GO MIXER is wonderful. 8 line inputs into your mobile device. This could be fantastic for live video needs at conferences, sports, and pretty much anything with multi source needs. Also it has a $99 price point. Wow.

I love these companies that are seizing the moment to jump on the mobile workflow with powerful solutions. Both items will be in the iOgrapher store when available. Exciting times!