Look mom I’m live streaming! Meerkat and Periscope open doors.

By March 30, 2015Blog

What an amazing time we are in. In the early dark ages of the world wide web, to have your own live video stream was one of fantasy. Remember hearing the wonderful sound when your computer would connect to the internet? In case you forgot I have it here for you:

I have been live streaming for the last few years. The school I taught at loved me to stream the football games, the play etc. I used the iOgrapher with apps like The Cube. It was great and simple.

To get people to watch we had to create an event and send out an email a few days before to all the alumni and parents.

Now lets flash forward to 2015.

At SXSW I came across Meerkat, an app that allowed me to pull my iPad or iPhone out of my pocket and start a live stream right on the spot. The kicker is it would alert my Twitter followers, to which I have humbly amassed over 28,000, that we were live. They would need to download the app and could interact with me. Ask questions and send comments. And I could answer. Live.

As I was ready to put my hat in the ring with Meerkat, Twitter decided to buy a competitor app called Periscope. Periscope is very similar to Meerkat but also allows you to conduct private streams where Meerkat is open to everyone. Also I do like the fact that I can save my stream when using Periscope to my camera roll. That way I can share it later on YouTube etc.

The jury is still out on which app is the one, but for now this user will be live streaming with both. Look for live training, tutorials, customer service, and q and a streams.

I pulled out the iPhone 6+ at an event I recently attended. Started Periscope. Within seconds I had 35 watchers.

I am so fired up.

This is live. And as the great Katy Perry said “This is the future embrace it”.