Meet Anthony, Opera Singer, iOgrapher user, and he’s 14 Years Old!

By January 9, 2017Blog

One of my absolute joys is when young students reach out to me to see if we can help them make better videos. It was THE reason I created the iOgrapher in the first place. When I hear from kids all over the world I am so very humbled and excited to see what they do with our products.

Recently I received an email from a young man. His name is Anthony Bvlgari. Anthony is 14, from Southern California. And he has been singing opera since he was 3. He has had the opportunityiographer-image-1 to work with the likes of Andrea Bocelli and Michael Buble.

Anthony sent me a wonderful email with links to videos of him singing. He expressed his interested in our products and I sent him some samples to get creative with. I am a huge fan and supporter of this young man. Here are a few questions he answered for the blog.

1. How old are you? 

AB – I am 14 years old 

2. Tell us about yourself.

AB – I love to sing opera since I was 3 years old . I sang with Andrea Bocelli twice in 2010 and recorded for Michael Buble’s Christmas album in 2011 . Since then I have done many theatrical performances and concerts including singing with David Foster and Friends , LA Opera and international pop stars .

I am almost 15 and that means that I will start to change my voice so while I am at it ,  I have developed other talents within me .  Among them are acting , playing the violin and upright bass , tap dancing and being an indie filmmaker  .

I have only just started filming and editing myself in videos just under a year ago but that doesn’t stop me to have the ambition and the willingness to work hard while making great family oriented videos that bring a smile to people’s faces  . 

The only thing to fear is fear itself so thus to make something creative, all you need left is imagination . Filming captures that imagination in a bottle and in a format that  billions of people around the world will see for hundreds of years to come ! It is a wonderful feeling to see a finished product but ever more pleasantly appreciated when fans enjoy it  

3.  what do you like about mobile video?

AB – I love mobile video because, simply put,  it’s the future.  Not only that but it actually looks great ! 

As technology moves forward , built in cameras in your everyday smartphone are getting more and more industry grade . We are at the point in this journey that we can film actual full length feature films for the big screen with something that everybody used on a daily basis . All this became possible in only the past decade, imagine how technology will be in 2027! 

4. how does the iOgrapher help with your video content?

AB – The iOgrapher is truly the best invented film gear for the iPhone EVER!  It very easy to use considering  it’s 2 cold shoe mounts and aerodynamic design that allows for maximum handheld stabilization ! It is easy to slide my phone in and to attach the wonderfully made lenses.

Not only does the iOgrapher  make MY VIDEO look professional but it also makes ME look like a pro. I  have received  dozens of compliments the short time I used the iOgrapher that I truly think it needs to be a household item and replace the compact camera . 

5. What does the future hold for you?

AB – Lots of film , song and dance but I also want to  strengthen , evolve and flourish my opera career ! Opera is a very elegant branch of the arts and takes years to master . I will use all the lessons I have learned and continue cultivating it along with my other talents

6. who are some of your favorite artists?

AB – In Opera , my favorite singers are Luciano Pavarotti , Placido Domingo , Jose Carreras , Enrico Caruso , Maria Callas, Nicolai Ghiaurov , Ivan Rebroff,  Joan Sutherland and Dimitri Hvorostovsky . 

In acting , dancing and singing I love Gene Kelly , Fred Astaire , Ginger Rogers , Tyrone Power , Eleanor Powell , Cary Grant , Judy Garland , Bob Hope , Dean Martin , Frank Sinatra and Clark Gable .

7. Where can we follow you?

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You can also check out my new music video filmed all using the iOgrapher case and lens system for the iPhone 6 below!

Keep reaching for the stars Anthony! We at iOgrapher believe in you!

Cheers, David