Top 5 Must Have Apps for the Video Creator

By January 3, 2017Blog

Did Santa bring you a shiny new iOS device for Christmas? Awesome! Now lets add some apps, some must have apps, and create some great content in 2017!

One thing you will get from me constantly is my “create content, don’t just consume it!” attitude. In my book, Life Camera Action, I hit on this in every chapter. Tech is just too good and too simple not to try at the least.

So what is a must have app? To me must have apps are my go-to apps. The ones i click on every single day when I want to create something cool to share on instagram, youtube, facebook, and so on.

So let’s dive in!

Filmic Pro

device-2016-04-02-111507To me Filmic Pro is the best camera app out there. They have been in the game since the early days and keep improving. This app will take your iOS filmmaking to the next level. Filmic Pro enables you to change ISO, frame rate, resolution, audio inputs, and you can even monitor the audio too. I have done some intro Filmic Pro tutorials but I also highly recommend checking out the Epic Tutorial ones. Filmic Pro costs $9.99 in the app store.

There are some other camera apps that I am starting to like too. Mavis is great, has a lot of bells and whistles too. Also Guerilla Filmmaker is a new one I like. I will be doing a separate post on top camera apps.


iphone-7-vertical-ipad-pro-horizontal_fx_editFinally there is a new editor in town! I have been banging on the doors of the big boys, Adobe and Apple, since day one of iOgrapher to make a pro editor for mobile. Adobe I will say is at least trying with Premiere Clip, their editing app for iOS and Android. Clip allows me to edit and send that to the Creative Cloud where I can continue my edit on my iMac in Premiere Pro. I do like that alot. But, what if I want to do the edit right on my mobile device and have similar abilities as the desktop?  

Enter new player LumaFusion! With LumaFusion I can now have multi layered timelines, there is a live audio mixer, titler, and so many more features I will just link you to them here. This is the best editor out there. $19.99 in the app store.

Switcher Go

The amazing folks at Switcher Studio have just raised the bar on live video apps. Their flagship, Switcher Studio, is my go to app for multi camera shoots on the fly. I can set up 4 angles and control them all on a master device. I can then stream to YouTube, Facebook, and other places. Here is a video I did on about a recent shoot.

Switcher Go, lets me go live to Facebook or YouTube on a single device and lets me add photos and video to the feed! So let’s say I’m at an event and I want to interview a few people about the event. I go film them, edit the footage, add lower 581a3ae9a62668c52d4fdb2a_switchergo-depththirds, color correct etc, save to camera roll. I fire up Switcher Go, go live to my facebook page or group. I import the footage of the interviews from earlier in the say. Now I say “Hi I’m Dave, Live from this amazing event! Let’s hear what others think about the event!”, then I cut to my footage I shot and edited earlier. All of this on the fly and live to the world! Add your logo and you are in business. Imagine what you can do with this power? Oh and it’s currently free in the app store so hurry and get it! (Side note: Switcher Go does not allow you to see comments yet so its a one way ticket unless you have another device handy. I have been told they will incorporate comments in an upcoming version update.)

Adobe Spark Post

samples-postAre you graphically challenged or just someone who wants to speed up the process of making cool graphics for your videos? Check out Adobe Spark Post! The awesome folks at Adobe made a killer app to create super cool graphics on the fly. With many ready to use sample templates or the ability to start from scratch this graphic design app is an extremely useful addition to your workflow.

I use it to create animated videos for intros, to make a point, for title cards for videos and a lot more. And it’s FREE! Download it now.


tprompt_teaserhero12xYou never know when you may need to recite something you wrote on video. Maybe you’re a journalist and don’t want to keep looking down at your note. I keep Teleprompt+ on my devices at all times. It’s the complete teleprompter app. It will record you in full HD, you can change speeds, text size and can even use a bluetooth remote. Teleprompt+ by BombingBrain will cost you $19.95.

With these apps you will be ready to create content for any source your heart desires. From short films and documentaries, to mobile journalism and live video. All in your pocket and for miniscule pricing. You really do have the power in your pocket now. Enjoy!


PS. What are your favorite apps? Comment below and so I can check them out!